3D Coordination

Using the latest in draughting software we translate 2D designs to 3D models, giving clients and suppliers the opportunity to explore your vision.

By optimising innovation and utillising the latest in draughting software we can translate your design from flat monotone drawings to 3D models, giving you the confidence that the object scheme will work & the ability to easily convey the design to your clients/suppliers.

2D Draughting

We make life simple – We offer a 2D draughting service taking information received from yourselves, your clients or hand drawn sketches and producing a more presentable, more accurate and more cost effective drawings for presentation or installation purposes.

This can be anything from the creation of drawings to the amendment of existing drawings

Offsite manufacturing

To ease the demand for offsite manufacturing CFL will take the co-ordinated design produced either by CFL or one of our competitors. From this information CFL we will then decide a modular ethos and begin the modularised design. CFL will then position the modularised frames to suit the building fabric and to optimise the off site manufacturing possibilities.

Once this process has been completed CFL will extract the individual modules and will begin processing the millimetre perfect manufacturing information. CFL will also issue bill of materials detailing a breakdown of all material required during module manufacture.

Structural Steelwork

Structural drawings are prepared in house by professional CAD engineers. Our engineers will translate structural steelwork design drawings into more feasible, workable and manufacturability information. These can range from access stairways to gantry and walkways and to viewing galleries whilst obeying the industry standards.

Project Drawings